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2021 Mar 31

Ann Burns Fire Disasters




Hanriat C, Barani C, Mojallal A, Braye F, Brosset S
Ann Burns Fire Disasters. 2021 Mar 31; 34(1):33-41.
PMID: 34054385.


Platelet rich plasma (PRP) has trophic functions due to a high concentration of growth factors and cytokines. These properties may be of therapeutic interest in the management of burn injuries. In preparation for a clinical study at the Lyon Burn Centre on PRP as an inducer of healing in burns, we carried out a review of the literature looking at the results of the use of this therapy. A review of the literature on the use of PRP for the treatment of burn injuries was performed by querying the PUBMED database using the keywords [platelet rich plasma] AND [burns]. Controlled clinical or pre-clinical studies in English or French were included. Eleven articles were identified, consisting of eight preclinical animal model studies and three clinical studies. These looked at the effects of PRP on the healing of burned areas whether they were grafted or not, on the improvement of neuropathic pain, and on distant skin trophicity. The results of recent preclinical studies show shorter epithelialization times thanks to PRP. In humans, a significant study (201 patients) validates its use in combination with thin skin grafts, and another shows benefits on distant cutaneous trophicity. In conclusion, the use of PRP topically or by injection under the skin has a potential benefit in the management of acute burns. A large-scale series validates its use in clinical practice.