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2021 Mar 30

Orthop Rev (Pavia)



Surgical treatment for persistent second carpometacarpal joint pain.


Hatta T, Goto H, Sonofuchi K, Nobuta S, Toh S, Itoi E
Orthop Rev (Pavia). 2021 Mar 30; 13(1):9085.
PMID: 33953892.


The purposes of this study were to demonstrate the clinical characteristics of patients with persistent second carpometacarpal (CMC) joint pain without bony abnormalities known as the carpal boss, and to assess the clinical efficacy of surgical stabilization of the second CMC joint. Eleven patients had persistent wrist pain with characteristic symptoms, including tenderness over the second CMC joint, increased symptoms when the involved hand was placed on the ground or gripped strongly with the involved hand, a positive metacarpal stress test and temporary pain relief with the intra-articular injection of the lidocaine. The patients underwent arthrodesis of the second CMC joint. All cases showed radiologically confirmed fusion of the second CMC joint. At the final followup examination, 10 of 11 patients resulted in satisfactory clinical outcomes, excepting one patient with remnant pain and restricted range of wrist motions. This report highlights the importance of conducting a careful assessment of patients who present with persistent second CMC joint pain without the bony abnormalities, such as carpal bossing. Surgery to stabilize the second CMC joint may be an option to improve their symptoms when conservative treatment fails.