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Animal Studies

2020 Apr 20

Bio Protoc



Minimally Invasive Oral Surgery Induction of the FRICT-ION Chronic Neuropathic Pain Model.


Montera MA, Westlund KN
Bio Protoc. 2020 Apr 20; 10(8):e3591.
PMID: 33659557.


An easily induced preclinical trigeminal neuropathic nerve injury model is described here for the study of chronic pain, the model acronym oramen otundum nflammatory onstriction rigeminal nfrarbital erve). In patients, neuropathic pain is thought to be related to vascular alignment or multiple sclerosis along this small trigeminal nerve branch (V2) innervating the maxillary teeth and middle third of the face. With no detectable outward physical signs, the FRICT-ION model is ideal for blinded studies. The acronym FRICT-ION applied relates to the persistence of the trigeminal neuropathic pain model likely due to sliding irritation with normal chewing in the mice. A step-by-step method to induce the mild chronic rodent neuropathic pain model is described here. The surgery is performed orally through a tiny surgical slit inside the cheek crease to align a chromic gut suture irritant along the nerve as it passes into the skull. The model allows testing of non-evoked subjective measures and evoked quantitative mechanical hypersensitivity (allodynia) testing with von Frey filaments through at least 10-14 weeks (100 days). Anxiety and depression behaviors develop within 3-6 weeks relevant to the affective component of chronic pain. While many pain drugs have failed based on testing performed in the acute animal models available, the more stable and easily replicated trigeminal inflammatory compression model is the better suited for understanding both mechanistic and affective components of nerve injury-induced chronic neuropathic pain states as well as the more ideal for preclinical trials of novel non-opioid pain relief therapies.