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2021 Mar 02

Hand Surg Rehabil

Epidemiology of upper limb chronic exertional compartment syndrome (CECS) in the French Motorcycle Federation racers: Results of a national questionnaire-based study.


Regas I, Pluvy I, Sakek F, Tuphe P, Ortega P, Guinchard B, Obert L, Lepage D
Hand Surg Rehabil. 2021 Mar 02.
PMID: 33667652.


Upper limb chronic exertional compartment syndrome (CECS) has been described in amateur and professional motorcycle racers, but there is no published data about its prevalence. The purpose of this study was to define the awareness, prevention and prevalence of this syndrome in licensed motorcycle racers in competition in France. Secondary purposes were to determine the functional impact of CECS and post-treatment outcomes. The 20,641 licensed racers in competition of the French Motorcycle Federation were sent a self-assessment questionnaire about upper limb pain and CECS physical examination findings, functional impact and treatment outcomes. The satisfaction level was assessed after each type of treatment. Acceptability rate was 6.35% with 1311 racers responding. CECS was unknown by 29% of racers. Prevention methods were unknown by 10% of racers. Less than 50% of racers modified their bikes. The prevalence of upper limb CECS in competitive racers was 9%: 8.7% forearm, 0.2% thenar, 0.1% hypothenar and 0.4% first dorsal interosseus compartments. The prevalence was 16% in international level racers, 11% in national level racers and 7.3% in regional level racers. A quarter of racers were satisfied or very satisfied with the outcomes of conservative therapy and rehabilitation. Only 67 racers underwent surgical treatment for their upper limb CECS: 31 by open fasciotomy, 23 by minimally invasive fasciotomy and 13 by endoscopy-assisted compartment release. In these 67 racers, the mean visual analog score for pain improved significantly (p < 0.001 95% CI [3.1-4.5]) with 81% satisfied or very satisfied with surgery outcomes. This epidemiologic self-assessment questionnaire for upper limb CECS is a new concept. This study screened for CECS and offer information regarding evaluation, treatment, and management.