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2021 Feb 18


[Parasitoses in childhood].


Fölster-Holst R
Hautarzt. 2021 Feb 18.
PMID: 33599802.


Parasitoses are a frequent occurrence in pediatric consultations in both hospitals and private practices. Responsible for this are parasites that permanently infest human skin, such as Sarcoptes scabiei hominis and Pediculus humanus capitis (persistent parasites) as well as those that only attack the skin for feeding, such as Pulex irritans, Cimex lectularius und Neotrombicula autumnalis (transient parasites). The main symptom of parasitoses is pruritus, which is caused by a delayed allergic reaction to proteins in the saliva of the parasites. In some parasitoses, such as scabies, the pruritus is typical, occurs particularly at night and is associated with a considerable impairment in the quality of life due to the resulting lack of sleep, whereas the pruritus is often absent in the case of pediculosis capitis. In this article persistent and transient parasitoses are characterized based on the patient history, morphology and symptoms.