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Papers: 6 Feb 2021 - 12 Feb 2021

Human Studies


2021 Feb 08

Mol Brain



The de novo CACNA1A pathogenic variant Y1384C associated with hemiplegic migraine, early onset cerebellar atrophy and developmental delay leads to a loss of Cav2.1 channel function.


CACNA1A pathogenic variants have been linked to several neurological disorders including familial hemiplegic migraine and cerebellar conditions. More recently, de novo variants have been associated with severe early onset developmental encephalopathies. CACNA1A is highly expressed in the central nervous system and encodes the pore-forming Caα subunit of P/Q-type (Cav2.1) calcium channels. We have previously identified a patient with a de novo missense mutation in CACNA1A (p.Y1384C), characterized by hemiplegic migraine, cerebellar atrophy and developmental delay. The mutation is located at the transmembrane S5 segment of the third domain. Functional analysis in two predominant splice variants of the neuronal Cav2.1 channel showed a significant loss of function in current density and changes in gating properties. Moreover, Y1384 variants exhibit differential splice variant-specific effects on recovery from inactivation. Finally, structural analysis revealed structural damage caused by the tyrosine substitution and changes in electrostatic potentials.