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Papers: 30 Jan 2021 - 5 Feb 2021

Human Studies

2021 Jan 28

Children (Basel)



Familial and Genetic Influences on the Common Pediatric Primary Pain Disorders: A Twin Family Study.


Champion D, Bui M, Bott A, Donnelly T, Goh S, Chapman C, Lemberg D, Jaaniste T, Hopper J
Children (Basel). 2021 Jan 28; 8(2).
PMID: 33525537.


The primary pain disorders of childhood are highly prevalent but have infrequently been studied collectively. Genetic influences have been suggested to be causally implicated. Surveys were sent to 3909 Australian twin families, assessing the lifetime prevalence of growing pains, migraine, headache, recurrent abdominal pain, low back pain, and persistent pain (not otherwise specified) in pediatric twins and their immediate family members. Comparisons between monozygous (MZ) and dizygous (DZ) twin pair correlations, concordances and odds ratios were performed to assess the contribution of additive genetic influences. Random-effects logistic regression modelling was used to evaluate relationships between twin individuals and their co-twins, mothers, fathers and oldest siblings with the subject conditions. Twin analyses of responses from 1016 families revealed significant influence of additive genetic effects on the presence of growing pains, migraine, and recurrent abdominal pain. The analyses for headache, low back pain, and persistent pain overall did not conclusively demonstrate that genetic influences were implicated more than shared environmental factors. Regression analyses demonstrated varying levels of significance in relationships between family members and twin individuals for the tested conditions, with strongest support for genetic influences in growing pains and migraine. These data, together with previously published association analyses, suggest common causal influences including genes.