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2021 Jan 29

Emerg Infect Dis



Epidemiology and Clinical Course of First Wave Coronavirus Disease Cases, Faroe Islands.


Kristiansen MF, Heimustovu BH, Borg SÁ, Mohr T H, Gislason H, Møller L F, Christiansen DH, Steig BÁ, Petersen M S, Strøm M, Gaini S
Emerg Infect Dis. 2021 Jan 29; 27(3).
PMID: 33513332.


The Faroe Islands was one of the first countries in the Western Hemisphere to eliminate coronavirus disease (COVID-19). During the first epidemic wave in the country, 187 cases were reported between March 3 and April 22, 2020. Large-scale testing and thorough contact tracing were implemented early on, along with lockdown measures. Transmission chains were mapped through patient history and knowledge of contact with prior cases. The most common reported COVID-19 symptoms were fever, headache, and cough, but 11.2% of cases were asymptomatic. Among 187 cases, 8 patients were admitted to hospitals but none were admitted to intensive care units and no deaths occurred. Superspreading was evident during the epidemic because most secondary cases were attributed to just 3 infectors. Even with the high incidence rate in early March, the Faroe Islands successfully eliminated the first wave of COVID-19 through the early use of contact tracing, quarantine, social distancing, and large-scale testing.