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Papers: 2 Jan 2021 - 8 Jan 2021

Animal Studies


2020 Dec 30


Publish Ahead of Print

Upregulation of silent information regulator 1 alleviates mitochondrial dysfunction in the trigeminal nucleus caudalis in a rat model of chronic migraine.


Liang J, Zhou X, Wang J, Fei Z-Y, Qin G-C, Zhang D-K, Zhou J-Y, Chen L-X
Neuroreport. 2020 Dec 30; Publish Ahead of Print.
PMID: 33395186.


Although the mechanism of chronic migraine is still unclear, more and more studies have shown that mitochondrial dysfunction plays a possible role in migraine pathophysiology. Silent information regulator 1 (SIRT1) plays a vital role in mitochondrial dysfunction in many diseases. However, there is no research on the role of SIRT1 in mitochondrial dysfunction of chronic migraine. The aim of this study was to explore the role of SIRT1 in mitochondrial dysfunction in chronic migraine. A rat model was established through repeated dural infusions of inflammatory soup for 7 days to simulate chronic migraine attacks. Cutaneous hyperalgesia caused by the repeated infusions of inflammatory soup was detected using the von Frey test. Then, we detected SIRT1 expression in the trigeminal nucleus caudalis. To explore the effect of SIRT1 on mitochondrial dysfunction in chronic migraine rats, we examined whether SRT1720, an activator of SIRT1, altered mitochondrial dysfunction in chronic migraine rats. Repeated infusions of inflammatory soup resulted in cutaneous hyperalgesia accompanied by downregulation of SIRT1. SRT1720 significantly alleviated the cutaneous hyperalgesia induced by repeated infusions of inflammatory soup. Furthermore, activation of SIRT1 markedly increased the expression of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma-coactivator 1-alpha, transcription factor A, nuclear respiratory factor 1 and nuclear respiratory factor 2 mitochondrial DNA and increased the ATP content and mitochondrial membrane potential. Our results indicate that SIRT1 may have an effect on mitochondrial dysfunction in chronic migraine rats. Activation of SIRT1 has a protective effect on mitochondrial function in chronic migraine rats.