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Papers: 28 Nov 2020 - 4 Dec 2020

Pharmacology/Drug Development

2020 Nov 26




Drug-Nutraceutical Co-Crystal and Salts for Making New and Improved Bi-Functional Analgesics.


Abate Fulas O, Laferrière A, Ayoub G, Gandrath D, Mottillo C, Titi HM, Stein RS, Friščić T, Coderre TJ
Pharmaceutics. 2020 Nov 26; 12(12).
PMID: 33255979.


The discovery and development of effective analgesics is greatly lagging behind the steadily rising prevalence of chronic pain. Currently prescribed analgesics for chronic pain are lacking in efficacy mainly due to their narrowly-targeted mechanism of action. Driving neuronal hyperexcitability that underlies symptoms of chronic pain are multiple non-neuronal processes, among which are tissue hypoxia and oxidative stress. Here we demonstrate the design, synthesis, and activity of new multi-component bi-functional analgesic crystalline solids, co-crystals, and salts, based on pairing of vasodilatory anti-hypoxic drugs pentoxifylline, clonidine and linsidomine with antioxidant nutraceuticals protocatechuic acid, α-lipoic acid, and caffeic acid. After validation, chemical and structural characterization of these novel salts and co-crystals, topical formulations of the products were tested in a rat model of complex regional pain syndrome. Analgesic effects achieved with the salts and co-crystal exceeded the efficacy and/or potency of constituent compounds indicating that more effective, advanced analgesics can readily be developed by careful pairing of compounds that simultaneously target multiple neural and non-neural processes driving chronic pain.