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Papers of the Week

2020 Nov

Psychiatr Danub


Suppl 4

Joseph Franz Domin (1754-1819) and His Contribution to Electrotherapy.


Habek D, Čerkez Habek J, Čartolovni A
Psychiatr Danub. 2020 Nov; 32(Suppl 4):432-435.
PMID: 33212447.


Joseph Franz Domin (1754-1819) as the croatian theologian and philosopher is primary animist (vitalist), and in practice he has worked as physicist – mechanist, although the humoral theory at that time will be a foundation of medical philosophy more than twenty centuries from Hippocrates to the half of 19 century and Virchow's cellular theory. Besides his academic and researcher's work he has been working on electrotherapy of numerous conditions and diseases about which he has published (cephalea, neuralgia, paresis, plegias, pterigyum oculi, rheumatisms, Gicht, epilepsia, arthralgias, febres etc). The latter is undoubtedly progressive natural scientific theory which at that time have widely spread at Habsburgs Monarchy Universities and as proof between first and second Wien's medical school by integration of other scientific branches (physics and chemistry) in medicine. According to the various researchers Domin was an author of the first electrotherapy manual published in Zagreb, practitioner of electrotherapy in pregalvanic era in contemporary Austrian empire and for sure a scientist who have left a significant remark in contemporary applied physics in medicine, which continued in professional and scientific elaborations not until the end of the 19 century.