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Papers: 24 Oct 2020 - 30 Oct 2020


Human Studies

2020 Oct 23

JMIR Form Res



Digital Self-Management in Support of Patients Living With Chronic Pain: Feasibility Pilot Study.


Bostrøm K, Børøsund E, Varsi C, Eide H, Flakk Nordang E, Schreurs KMG, Waxenberg LB, Weiss KE, Morrison EJ, Småstuen M C, Stubhaug A, Nes L S
JMIR Form Res. 2020 Oct 23; 4(10):e23893.
PMID: 33094734.


Chronic pain can be complex and taxing to live with, and treatment and support require a multicomponent approach, which may not always be offered or available. Smartphones, tablets, and personal computers are already incorporated into patients' daily lives, and therefore, they can be used to communicate, educate, and support self-management. Although some web-based self-management interventions exist, research examining the evidence and effect of digital solutions supporting self-management for patients living with chronic pain is limited, findings are inconclusive, and new innovative ideas and solutions are needed.