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Papers of the Week

Papers: 3 Oct 2020 - 9 Oct 2020

Animal Studies


2020 Oct 03

Exp Dermatol

IL-23 modulates histamine-evoked itch and responses of pruriceptors in mice.


Pavlenko D, Funahashi H, Sakai K, Hashimoto T, Lozada T, Yosipovitch G, Akiyama T
Exp Dermatol. 2020 Oct 03.
PMID: 33010057.


Accumulating evidence has highlighted the essential roles of cytokines in itch processing. Although IL-23 and Th17 cytokines are elevated in inflammatory skin disorders, their role in itch is unknown. Here we investigated the role of IL-23 and IL-17A in itch response using an in vitro calcium imaging of mouse dorsal root ganglion (DRG) neurons and an in vivo behavior test. Calcium imaging studies revealed that a few DRG neurons (~5%) responded to either IL-23 or IL-17A. Pre-treatment cells with IL-23 significantly reduced calcium responses to histamine and capsaicin but not chloroquine. Behavior experiments showed neither IL-23 nor IL-17A evoked scratching. IL-23 significantly decreased histamine-evoked scratching without affecting chloroquine-evoked scratching. There was no difference in scratching between IL-17A- and vehicle-treated groups. These results indicate that IL-23 might play a role in regulating histaminergic itch via modulation of TRPV1 activity.