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Papers: 12 Sep 2020 - 18 Sep 2020


2020 Sep 07

Children (Basel)



Parent-Child Reminiscing about Past Pain as a Preparatory Technique in the Context of Children’s Pain: A Narrative Review and Call for Future Research.


Pain permeates childhood and remains inadequately and/or inconsistently managed. Existing research and clinical practice guidelines have largely focused on factors influencing the immediate experience of pain. The need for and benefits of preparing children for future pain (e.g., painful procedures) has been well established. Despite being a robust predictor of future pain and distress, memories of past painful experiences remain overlooked in pediatric pain management. Just as autobiographical memories prepare us for the future, children's memories for past pain can be harnessed to prepare children for future painful experiences. Children's pain memories are malleable and can be reframed to be less distressing, thus reducing anticipatory distress and promoting self-efficacy. Parents are powerful agents of change in the context of pediatric pain and valuable historians of children's past painful experiences. They can alter children's pain memories to be less distressing simply by talking, or reminiscing, about past pain. This narrative review summarizes existing research on parent-child reminiscing in the context of acute and chronic pediatric pain and argues for incorporation of parent-child reminiscing elements into preparatory interventions for painful procedures.