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2020 Jul 29




A Rare Case of Subacute Painful Thyroiditis Causing Thyroid Storm and a Successful Trial of Propylthiouracil.


Gaballa S, Hlaing KM, Bos N, Moursy S, Hakami M
Cureus. 2020 Jul 29; 12(7):e9461.
PMID: 32760639.


Thyroid storm is a rare, life-threatening condition characterized by severe or exaggerated clinical manifestations of thyrotoxicosis, commonly occurring in patients with longstanding, untreated hyperthyroidism such as Graves' disease and toxic nodular goiter. Subacute painful thyroiditis, also known as de Quervain thyroiditis, is a self-limited inflammatory disease of the thyroid gland that is characterized by neck pain, a tender diffuse thyroid goiter, elevated inflammatory markers, and a predictable course of thyroid function evolution. Rarely, it can cause thyroid storm. Herein, we report a rare case of a 25-year-old woman who was admitted for sepsis and acute painful thyroiditis who then developed thyroid storm. The patient was treated in the intensive care unit (ICU) and responded very well to steroids, propranolol, a seven-day trial of propylthiouracil, and ultimately achieved a euthyroid state on discharge.