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2020 Jun 29

Neurosci Lett

Analysis of Infection Factors after Radical Mastectomy for Breast Cancer by CT Image and AUTO-plan Intelligent Analysis under Regional Nerve Block.


In order to explore the possible risk factors of infection in patients with breast cancer after surgery under the guidance of anesthesia and use intelligent software to analyze the risk factors of infection after radical mastectomy after AUTO-plan is optimized, 50 patients with breast cancer who underwent a radical mastectomy in our hospital from July 2017 to August 2019 were selected as the research subject. The clinical data of these patients were analyzed and postoperative follow-up was performed. For these patients, statistics were made on their age, past medical history, pre- and post-operative chemotherapy, intraoperative blood loss, and operation time. A Chi-square test was performed with statistical software to analyze the risk factors associated with stoma prolapse infection, as well as postoperative analgesia effect and complications in patients with regional nerve block. The computerized intelligent analysis was used to analyze the independent factors of infection in patients after radical mastectomy based on optimized AUTO-plan. Results: Ten patients developed a postoperative infection. Chi-square test analysis showed that the age, operation time, and intraoperative blood loss of patients were related to the infection after radical mastectomy for breast cancer (P < 0.05). The chance of postoperative infection caused by past medical history as well as pre- and post-operative chemotherapy was small (P > 0.05). The computerized intelligent analysis results showed that the three factors of age, operation time and intraoperative blood loss were independent risk factors that increased the infection rate after radical mastectomy (P < 0.05). In conclusion, patients undergoing using the AUTO-plan intelligent analysis under regional nerve block have fewer postoperative complications and good analgesic effects. Analysis of infection after radical mastectomy for patients can improve the quality of life of the patients, and the optimized AUTO-plan provides more efficient medical care assistance for the medical field.