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Stomatologiia (Mosk)



[Experimental study of the effectiveness of local anesthetic activity of a new dimethylphenylacetamide-containing pharmaceutical composition in chronic periodontitis].


Blinova EV, Semeleva EV, Shilova AM, Vediaeva AP, Blinov DS, Skachilova YS, Vasil'ev YL, Vasilkina OV, Samishina EA, Meylanova RD
Stomatologiia (Mosk). 2020; 99(2):11-16.
PMID: 32441069.


Novel anaesthetic formulation LHT-15-32 was studied. The experimental study involved 66 white mice, 15 Rana radibunda frogs and 50 male Sprague Dawley rats. Its acute intravenous and subcutaneous toxicity was determined in mice. Pain sensitivity threshold of upper second molar was determined in rats with experimental periodontitis. Oxidative stress activity and total antioxidant capacity were determined in rats' gingival mucosa by induced chemiluminescence. Tissue IL-1β, IL-10 and TNF-a concentration was quantitatively assessed by ELISA. LHT-15-32 Na-blocking activity was studied on isolated neurons of Limnea stagnalis para-pharyngeal ganglion. Rana radibunda isolated sciatic nerve was perfused with LHT-15-32 to assess its conductivity. LHT-15-32 acute intravenous and subcutaneous toxicity was lower then that of its active substance LHT-4-00. The formulation infraorbital administration induced deep dental anaesthesia lasted longer than 70 min, activated local antioxidant defence system and decreased IL-1β level in gingival tissue. At 10 to 10 M LHT-15-32 inhibited sciatic nerve conductivity and blocked Na-channels of isolated neurons in dose-dependent manner. LHT-15-32 proved to be less toxic than active substance and lidocaine. The agent provides deep and prolonged anesthesia of the upper molar of rats in chronic apical periodontitis, lowers tissue concentration of pain cascade cytokines and oxidative stress activity and suppresses the action potential amplitude of a sensory nerve due to Na-blocking activity.