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2020 Apr 27


Pathologic Findings in Fallopian Tubes of Women with Chronic Pelvic Pain after Essure Placement.


Rubin A, Chen J-F, Veade A, Hagemann IS
Contraception. 2020 Apr 27.
PMID: 32353358.


Pelvic pain has been associated with Essure, a permanent contraceptive implant. Here we describe histopathologic findings in long-term Essure users with chronic pelvic pain. We descriptively evaluated and compared histopathologic features of hysterectomy specimens removed for a primary diagnosis of chronic pelvic pain from women with (n=3) and without (n=3) prior placement of Essure coils (mean of 8.6 years prior). Interstitial fallopian tubes of Essure patients demonstrated fibrosis. Two cases had flattening of ampullary epithelial folds. Tubes of Essure users showed no acute inflammation, but 2/3 showed focal chronic inflammation. All patients had additional findings, such as endometriosis, adenomyosis or leiomyomas, that could be associated with pain. Given the minimal and bland inflammation in Essure cases, symptoms may more plausibly be ascribed to confounding gynecologic conditions or other mechanisms.