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2020 Apr 22

J Psychoactive Drugs

Patterns of Simultaneous Polysubstance Use among Partygoers: Correlates and Differences in Adverse Acute Effects Experienced.


Fernández-Calderón F, Vidal-Giné C, Rojas-Tejada AJ, Lozano-Rojas ÓM
J Psychoactive Drugs. 2020 Apr 22:1-13.
PMID: 32321381.


This study identifies patterns of simultaneous polysubstance use (SPU) in partygoers, their associated characteristics, and their differences in terms of acute effects experienced. We used a web-based survey with 1345 partygoers who reported using at least one substance during the past year, collecting information on drug use and drug-related acute effects experienced at the last party attended. Latent class analysis identified three SPU profiles according to the use of nine substances: (67.7%), (11.6%), and (20.7%). These profiles differed in their sociodemographic characteristics and were associated with different odds of experiencing adverse drug-related effects. Compared with participants with a profile of or , those in the group were at higher odds of experiencing memory impairment, tachycardia, and bad mood after drug use. The only differences between the and groups were in terms of hangover and headache experiences, which were less likely in the latter group (who consume less alcohol). Knowledge regarding the acute adverse drug-related effects experienced by partygoers who use multiple drugs can help to develop interventions for reducing drug-related risks in this population.