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2020 Apr 06

Zhonghua Yu Fang Yi Xue Za Zhi



[The network investigation on knowledge, attitude and practice about COVID-19 of the residents in Anhui Province].


Chen Y, Jin YL, Zhu LJ, Fang ZM, Wu N, Du MX, Jiang MM, Wang J, Yao YS
Zhonghua Yu Fang Yi Xue Za Zhi. 2020 Apr 06; 54(4):367-373.
PMID: 32268643.


To analyze the current situation of the knowledge, attitudes and practice about COVID-19 of the residents in Anhui Province. Anonymous network sampling survey was carried out with an electronic questionnaire that designed by the questionnaire star, and a total of 4 016 subjects from Anhui province were investigated. The content of the survey includes that the basic information of subjects,the residents' knowledge, attitudes and practice about COVID-19, as well as their satisfaction with the prevention and control measures adopted by the government and health authorities and the suggestions on future prevention. The questionnaire doesn't involve any privacy information, and all questions were mandatory to ensure the response rate. The ((25), (75)) age the 4 016 subjects was 21 (19, 24) years old, and the ranging from 7 to 80 years old. The number of males was 1 431 (35.6%). Social networking tools such as WeChat and QQ were the main sources of epidemic information for residents (97.8%, 3 929 respondents). Residents had higher awareness rate of cough (99.5%,3 997) and fever (96.0%, 3 857) symptoms, the transmission by droplets (99.5%, 3 995), aerosol transmission (81.1%, 3 258), and contact transmission (92.3%, 3 708), but lower awareness of symptoms os muscle pain or fatigue (62.7%, 2 518). 92.6% of the subjects (3 720) think that the outbreak was scary. In terms of psychological behavior scores, the results showed that female (9.38±4.81), the urban (9.37±5.02) and the medical workers (10.79±5.19) had a poorer mental health than the male (8.45±5.00), the rural (8.71±4.75) and the non-medical workers (the students: 8.85±4.83; public institude workers: 9.02±5.08; others: 8.97±5.39) (0.05). 71.9% of the residents (2 887) were satisfied with the local epidemic control measures. The residents took various of the measures to prevent and control the epidemic. The ratio of residents that could achieve "no gathering and less going out" , "wear masks when going out " and " do not go to crowded and closed places " was up to 97.4% (3 913), 93.6% (3 758) and 91.5% (3 673) respectively. The residents in Anhui province have a good KAP about COVID-19, yet it is necessary to strengthen the community publicity, the mental health maintenance of residents and students' health education.