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2020 Nov

Int J Impot Res



Development of a novel topical formulation of glyceryl trinitrate for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.


Erectile dysfunction (ED), defined as the inability to initiate or maintain an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual intercourse, is common, particularly in men aged ≥50 years. Existing treatments have significant limitations, and there remains a need for a fast-acting (to facilitate spontaneity during intercourse) and well tolerated local therapy. Topical glyceryl trinitrate (GTN) may meet this need because GTN undergoes rapid metabolism in penile smooth muscle and endothelial cells to produce nitric oxide, which plays a key role in the development of erection. This paper describes the rationale for the development of MED2005, a topical GTN formulation using DermaSys® technology, which is undergoing clinical trials for the treatment of ED. Pharmacokinetic studies have shown that MED2005 provides rapid delivery of GTN following application to the glans penis, and a Phase 2(a) trial in men with ED showed that MED2005 produced significant improvements in erectile function, compared with placebo. MED2005 was well tolerated in this trial, with only 21 cases of headache in 1003 intercourse attempts. It is anticipated that MED2005 will provide an effective therapy for ED, with a fast onset of action, good local tolerability, and fewer contraindications than phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors, the current cornerstone of ED therapy.