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Papers: 28 Dec 2019 - 3 Jan 2020


Human Studies

2020 Jan-Jul

Neurobiol Pain


Biological and behavioral markers of pain following nerve injury in humans.


Holmes SA, Barakat N, Bhasin M, Lopez NI, Lebel A, Zurakowski D, Thomas B, Bhasin S, Silva KE, Borra R, Burstein R, Simons LE, Borsook D
Neurobiol Pain. 2020 Jan-Jul; 7:100038.
PMID: 31890990.


The evolution of peripheral and central changes following a peripheral nerve injury imply the onset of afferent signals that affect the brain. Changes to inflammatory processes may contribute to peripheral and central alterations such as altered psychological state and are not well characterized in humans. We focused on four elements that change peripheral and central nervous systems following ankle injury in 24 adolescent patients and 12 age-sex matched controls. Findings include (a) Changes in tibial, fibular, and sciatic nerve divisions consistent with neurodegeneration; (b) Changes within the primary motor and somatosensory areas as well as higher order brain regions implicated in pain processing; (c) Increased expression of fear of pain and pain reporting; and (d) Significant changes in cytokine profiles relating to neuroinflammatory signaling pathways. Findings address how changes resulting from peripheral nerve injury may develop into chronic neuropathic pain through changes in the peripheral and central nervous system.