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Papers: 21 Dec 2019 - 27 Dec 2019

Human Studies

2019 12 24



Spinal signaling of C-fiber mediated pleasant touch in humans.


Marshall AG, Sharma ML, Marley K, Olausson H, McGlone FP
Elife. 2019 12 24; 8.
PMID: 31872799.


C-tactile afferents form a distinct channel that encodes pleasant tactile stimulation. Prevailing views indicate they project, as with other unmyelinated afferents, in lamina I-spinothalamic pathways. However, we found that spinothalamic ablation in humans, whilst profoundly impairing pain, temperature and itch, had no effect on pleasant touch perception. Only discriminative touch deficits were seen. These findings preclude privileged C-tactile-lamina I-spinothalamic projections and imply integrated hedonic and discriminative spinal processing from the body.