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2021 Nov

J Interpers Violence



Suffering in the Hands of a Loved One: The Endemic to Intimate Partner Violence and Consequences on Migrant Female Head-Load Carriers in Ghana.



The study contributed to filling a knowledge gap in the area of intimate partner violence (IPV). Previous studies conducted in Ghana have investigated the causes and types of IPV, leaving a gap on the consequences the violence had on the victims. Using a population of local economic migrants (hereafter, head-load carriers), a qualitative design with emphasis on phenomenology was employed to investigate the effects of IPV on 20 head-load carriers in two major cities in Ghana (Kumasi and Accra). The analysis performed on the data, using interpretive phenomenological analysis, revealed that IPV affected the head-load carriers' health, employment, and human relationships. Each of the participants spoke of one or more health complications, which they attributed to IPV. Among the health-related effects reported by the head-load carriers were body pains, wounds, depression, suicide ideation, headache, and abdominal pains that resulted from the termination of an unwanted pregnancy. All the head-load carriers recounted the detrimental outcomes of IPV on their job and human relationships. After they had experienced IPV, some of the victims could not go to work due to fear of stigmatization and those who were able to could not work as they usually do due to severe pain. At their workplace, some of the IPV victims became aggressive toward customers and coworkers, whereas others remained isolated. These negatively impacted on their human relationship skills and earnings. Based on the findings, there is the need for policies that seek to address IPV to consider the effects on victims' employment, earning, and behavior.