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2019 Oct

Orv Hetil



[The Hungarian translation and validation of the Low Back Pain Knowledge Questionnaire].


Kovács-Babócsay B, Makai A, Szilágyi B, Tardi P, Ács P, Velényi A, Rébék-Nagy G, Járomi M
Orv Hetil. 2019 Oct; 160(42):1663-1672.
PMID: 31608687.


Many disease-specific questionnaires, which analyze patients' functional status, quality of life or the progression of the disease, have been validated in Hungarian. The low back pain (LBP) patients' knowledge about their problem has not been measured by an officially validated Hungarian tool. The aim of our study was to translate and validate the Low Back Pain Knowledge Questionnaire (LKQ) and to assess its validity and reliability. We used the translation-back translation method as the first step. Then we used a synthesis of the back translations reviewed by independent translators. We enrolled 218 people in our study: 101 of them were chronic LBP patients and 73 acute LBP patients. For the validation process, we used the Roland-Morris Disability Index to compare our questionnaire. We calculated Cronbach's alpha values and correlation coefficients. The Hungarian version of LKQ correlated well with the Roland-Morris Index and it proved to be a valid questionnaire (correlation coefficient: -0.393; Cronbach's alpha value 0.894). We found the Hungarian version of LKQ a valid and reliable tool to measure patients' knowledge about LBP. We recommend future studies should apply bigger and more homogenous populations to assess LBP disease-specific knowledge in this country. Orv Hetil. 2019; 160(42): 1663-1672.