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2020 Mar/Apr

J Craniofac Surg



A Very Rare Localization of Rhinolith: Fossa of Rosenmuller.


Aksakal C
J Craniofac Surg. 2020 Mar/Apr; 31(2):e113-e114.
PMID: 31609956.


Sixty-five-year old male patient applied to our clinic with nonspecific complaints such as tinnitus, otalgia, headache, halitosis, and persistent globus pharyngeus which had been continued for 5 years. His complaints persisted despite different extensive treatments. In nasoendoscopy, a yellow-colored mass with purulent discharge around was observed in eustachian tube opening in left fossa of Rosenmüller. Computed tomography scan showed a mass of 6 × 6 mm size in left fossa of Rosenmüller. After excision of the mass under local anesthesia, significant reductions were observed in patient's symptoms. Histopathology of the mass was reported as rhinolith. Although fossa of Rosenmüller is a quite rare localization for rhinoliths, it needs to be considered in differential diagnosis of patients with nonspecific symptoms such as halitosis, globus pharyngeus, and otalgia. This report represents a patient with rhinolith localized in fossa of Rosenmüller as the 2nd report in the literature.