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2019 Jul

Zhongguo Zhong Yao Za Zhi



[Efficacy and safety of Shenxiong Glucose Injection in treatment of cerebral thrombosis:systematic review and Meta-analysis].


Lyu J, Sun M-H, Zhang C, Xie Y-M
Zhongguo Zhong Yao Za Zhi. 2019 Jul; 44(14):2902-2913.
PMID: 31602832.


To systematically evaluate the efficacy and safety of Shenxiong Glucose Injection in the treatment of cerebral thrombosis.Randomized controlled trials( RCTs) of Shenxiong Glucose Injection for cerebral thrombosis were screened out by searching CNKI,Wan Fang,VIP,Sino Med,Cochrane Library,PubMed,EMbase,and Web of Science in a systematic way,and the Meta-analysis on finally included studies was conducted by using Handbook 5. 1 evaluation criteria and tools and Rev Man 5. 3 software. GRADE system( GRADE pro 3. 6. 1) was used to grade the evidence quality of key outcome indicators. A total of 25 studies were included,with a total sample size of 2 286 cases,1 144 in the experimental group and 1 142 in the control group. The results of Meta-analysis showed that the total effective rate of Shenxiong Glucose Injection combined with ozagrel in the treatment of cerebral thrombosis was better than that of ozagrel alone( RR = 1. 26,95%CI [1. 20,1. 32],P<0. 000 01); the total effective rate of conventional treatment plus Shenxiong Glucose Injection and ozagrel for cerebral thrombosis was better than that of conventional treatment combined with ozagrel( RR = 1. 26,95%CI [1. 09,1. 46],P = 0. 002). In addition,Shenxiong Glucose Injection combined with ozagrel could reduce the incidence of adverse reactions( RR = 0. 38,95%CI [0. 24,0. 60],P < 0. 000 1),improve the neurological impairment( MD14 d=-7. 19,95% CI[-9. 16,-5. 22],P< 0. 000 1; MD30 d=-5. 34,95% CI [-5. 85,-4. 83],P < 0. 000 1; MD42 d=-7. 03,95% CI [-7. 79,-6. 28],P<0. 000 01; MD60 d=-6. 18,95%CI [-6. 55,-5. 81],P< 0. 000 01; MD90 d=-4. 90,95% CI [-5. 74,-4. 06],P<0. 000 01),and improve activities of daily living( ADL)( MD = 15. 00,95%CI [12. 20,17. 80],P<0. 000 01). The mortality was only included in one study,and the sample size was small,requiring to be further verified by a large sample size. The adverse reactions mainly included lung infection,skin pruritus,gastrointestinal reaction and so on,all of which could be tolerated or disappeared without affecting the treatment. Based on the available data and methods,Shenxiong Glucose Injection combined with ozagrel for cerebral thrombosis could improve the total effective rate,neurological impairment,and ability of daily living,with no serious adverse reactions. The evidence quality level of GRADE system was low in the evaluation of total effective rate,mortality and incidence of adverse reactions.However,the quality of the included researches was not high,requiring rigorously designed and internationally standardized clinical trials with a large sample size to improve the quality of evidence.