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2019 Jul-Aug

Pain Rep



Brainstem neuroimaging of nociception and pain circuitries.


Napadow V, Sclocco R, Henderson LA
Pain Rep. 2019 Jul-Aug; 4(4):e745.
PMID: 31579846.


The brainstem is known to be an important brain area for nociception and pain processing, and both relaying and coordinating signaling between the cerebrum, cerebellum, and spinal cord. Although preclinical models of pain have characterized the many roles that brainstem nuclei play in nociceptive processing, the degree to which these circuitries extend to humans is not as well known. Unfortunately, the brainstem is also a very challenging region to evaluate in humans with neuroimaging. The challenges for human brainstem imaging arise from the location of this elongated brain structure, proximity to cardiorespiratory noise sources, and the size of its constituent nuclei. These challenges can require dedicated approaches to brainstem imaging, which should be adopted when study hypotheses are focused on brainstem processing of nociception or modulation of pain perception. In fact, our review will highlight many pain neuroimaging studies that have reported some brainstem involvement in nociceptive processing and chronic pain pathology. However, we note that with recent advances in neuroimaging leading to improved spatial and temporal resolution, more studies are needed that take advantage of data collection and analysis methods focused on the challenges of brainstem neuroimaging.