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2019 Sep

Pain Physician



Updated Review and Treatment Recommendations on Paraneoplastic Neurologic Syndromes and Chronic Pain.


Blyakhman I, Chakravarthy K
Pain Physician. 2019 Sep; 22(5):433-445.
PMID: 31561645.


This comprehensive review of pain in paraneoplastic neurological syndromes focuses on current mechanisms that lead to pain, including autoimmune processes as well as the systemic secretion of factors that sensitize nociceptive nerves. Systemic secretion of functional molecules is a well-recognized phenomenon in endocrine paraneoplastic syndromes; however, cancer pain research has predominantly focused on cytokine-nerve interactions in the tumor microenvironment, and few groups have applied the molecular mechanisms of local pain to study widespread neuropathic pain resulting from systemic secretion. We present a novel perspective in the field of pain research by converging data from clinical oncology with recent molecular pain research on cytokine-mediated sensitization of nociceptive nerves.