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Vestn Otorinolaringol



[Features of the sinusitis course in pregnant women].


Karpishchenko SA, Ryabova MA, Shumilova NA, Georgieva LV, Nikitin KA
Vestn Otorinolaringol. 2019; 84(3):37-40.
PMID: 31486425.


The purpose of the work was to study the sinusitis diagnostic and clinical features in pregnant women. The pregnant women group (27 human) with sinusitis from 816 pregnant women with nasal congestion and/or nasal discharge was analyzed. The examination included: taking anamnesis, ENT examining, clinical blood test. The frequency of sinusitis in pregnant women with complaints of nasal congestion and/or nasal discharge is 4.7%. The development of sinusitis was associated with inadequate treatment of chronic rhinitis during pregnancy in a third of cases. The course of sinusitis was characterized by the absence of intoxication and fever, in 78% of cases – by the absence of facial pain. In 74% of cases, the onset of the disease was erased. In pregnant women with sinusitis, in comparison with pregnant women with manifestations of chronic rhinitis, had a significant increase in ESR and a tendency to an increase of neutrophils. CONCLUSION: The development of sinusitis in pregnant women in a third of cases is due to the ineffective treatment of chronic rhinitis, and the erased clinical picture of the disease suggests the need for a thorough assessment of the anamnestic and clinical symptoms of the disease.