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2019 Jun




Erythema gyratum Repens-like eruption in Sézary syndrome: evidence for the role of a dermatophyte.


McCaughey CD, Amarnani A, Longley JB, Bennett DD, Wood GS
Cutis. 2019 Jun; 103(6):357-360.
PMID: 31348450.


Erythema gyratum repens (EGR) is a rare and poorly understood dermatosis. The relationship of superficial dermatophytic infection to EGR-like eruptions in mycosis fungoides (MF) is unclear. We present a case of an EGR-like eruption in a patient with Sézary syndrome (SS). Histopathologic examination revealed both a superficial dermatophyte (Trichophyton rubrum) and cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL) in biopsies of the skin, regardless of whether those biopsies showed EGR-like lesions or erythroderma clinically. On 2 occasions, treatment of the superficial dermatophytic infection led to resolution of the EGR-like eruption and associated pruritus but not to resolution of the erythroderma. This case supports a role for dermatophytic superinfection in an EGR-like eruption in SS. Further investigation is necessary to fully understand the impact of dermatophytic infection in this clinical setting.