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Papers: 20 Jul 2019 - 26 Jul 2019

Animal Studies


2019 Jul 19

Brain Sci



Upregulation of IL-1 Receptor Antagonist in a Mouse Model of Migraine.


Lombardo S D, Mazzon E, Basile M S, Cavalli E, Bramanti P, Nania R, Fagone P, Nicoletti F, Petralia M C
Brain Sci. 2019 Jul 19; 9(7).
PMID: 31331109.


Migraine is a disorder characterized by attacks of monolateral headaches, often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and photophobia. Around 30% of patients also report aura symptoms. The cause of the aura is believed to be related to the cortical spreading depression (CSD), a wave of neuronal and glial depolarization originating in the occipital cortex, followed by temporary neuronal silencing. During a migraine attack, increased expression of inflammatory mediators, along with a decrease in the expression of anti-inflammatory genes, have been observed. The aim of this study was to evaluate the expression of inflammatory genes, in particular that of IL-1 receptor antagonist , following CSD in a mouse model of familial hemiplegic migraine type 1 (FHM-1). We show here that the expression of was upregulated after the CSD, suggesting a possible attempt to modulate the inflammatory response. This study allows researchers to better understand the development of the disease and aids in the search for new therapeutic strategies in migraine.