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Papers: 13 Jul 2019 - 19 Jul 2019


Animal Studies


J Pain Res


Anxiety-induced hyperalgesia in female rats is mediated by cholecystokinin 2 receptor in rostral ventromedial medulla and spinal 5-hydroxytryptamine 2B receptor.


Jiang M, Bo J, Lei Y, Hu F, Xia Z, Liu Y, Lu C'e, Sun Y'e, Hou B, Ni K, Ma Z, Gu X
J Pain Res. 2019; 12:2009-2026.
PMID: 31308730.


Preoperative anxiety is associated with postoperative hyperalgesia; however, few studies have investigated the mechanism underlying this association in female surgical patients. Research has suggested that ON cells in the rostral ventromedial medulla (RVM) receive nerve impulses via cholecystokinin 2 (CCK2) receptors, facilitating hyperalgesia. Additionally, the downstream serotonergic projection system from the RVM to the spinal cord has a dual regulating effect on pain responses, and the 5-hydoxytryptophan 2B (5-HT2B) receptor in spinal dorsal horn neurons is critically involved in mechanical allodynia.