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Papers: 29 Jun 2019 - 5 Jul 2019


2019 Aug

Expert Rev Neurother



Shedding light on migraine with aura: the clarifying role of advanced neuroimaging investigations.


Russo A, Silvestro M, Tessitore A, Tedeschi G
Expert Rev Neurother. 2019 Aug; 19(8):739-750.
PMID: 31267785.


: While migraine with aura is a complex neurological syndrome with a well-characterized clinical phenotype, its pathophysiology still has grey areas which could be partially clarified by microstructural and functional neuroimaging investigations. : This article, summarizing the most significant findings from advanced neuroimaging studies, aims to achieve a unifying pathophysiological model of the migraine aura. A comprehensive review has been conducted of PubMed citations by entering the key word 'neuroimaging' combined with 'migraine with aura' AND/OR 'MRI.' Other keywords included 'grey matter' OR 'white matter', 'structural' OR 'functional'. : Converging evidence from advanced neuroimaging investigations underlined the critical role of the extrastriate visual cortex, and in particular the lingual gyrus, in the genesis of the aura phenomenon. However, the relationship between the aura and the headache phase of migraine attacks has not been completely clarified, to date, and underlying pathophysiological mechanisms need to be further elucidated.