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2019 May 01

Int J Pharm


Tunable drug release from blend poly(vinyl pyrrolidone)-ethyl cellulose nanofibers.


Umayangana Godakanda V, Li H, Alquezar L, Zhao L, Zhu L-M, de Silva R, Nalin de Silva KM, Williams GR
Int J Pharm. 2019 May 01; 562:172-179.
PMID: 30898638.


The management of pain and inflammation arising from wounds is essential in obtaining effective healing rates. The application of a wound dressing loaded with an anti-inflammatory drug would enable both issues to be ameliorated, and the aim of this work was to fabricate such a dressing by electrospinning. Fibers comprising ethyl cellulose (EC) and poly(vinyl pyrrolidone) (PVP) loaded with naproxen (Nap) were developed to be used in the early stages of wound care. A family of PVP/EC/Nap systems was prepared by varying the PVP: EC ratio. In all cases, the products of electrospinning comprise non-woven mats of fibers which generally have smooth and cylindrical morphologies. The formulations exist as amorphous solid dispersions, and there appear to be intermolecular interactions between all three components. Adjusting the polymer ratios results in tunable drug release, and formulations have been produced which give zero-order drug release over 20 and 80h. The fiber mats generated in this work thus have great potential to be used as dressings for the treatment of wound pain and inflammation.