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2018 Dec

Rev Prat



[Acute inpatient treatment of severe burns].


Leclerc T, Baus A, Duhamel P, Hoffmann C
Rev Prat. 2018 Dec; 68(10):1087-1091.
PMID: 30869213.


Acute inpatient treatment of severe burns. Acute in-hospital care of severely burned patients intricately combines surgery and intensive care. Systemic and supportive care is centered on hemodynamic management of the initial plasmorrhagic shock, airway control, enteral nutrition in order to compensate for hypercatabolism, analgesia and adjuncts. Infection is a major risk, to be prevented and managed topically. Sytemic administration of antibiotics is limited to documented sepsis. Smoke inhalation injury is diagnosed by fiberoptic bronchoscopy and managed with protective ventilation, iterative bronchoscopic cleansing, and nebulized heparin, mucolytics and bronchodilators. Emergent surgery in the burned patient includes initial treatment of associated trauma, escharrotomies, and fasciotomies in selected cases. Acute surgery is centered on early excision and skin autografts to restore cutaneous integrity. Reconstructive surgery is delayed.