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Papers: 9 Mar 2019 - 15 Mar 2019

Pharmacology/Drug Development


2019 Aug

Expert Rev Neurother



Almotriptan: a review of 20 years’ clinical experience.


Pascual J, Vila C
Expert Rev Neurother. 2019 Aug; 19(8):759-768.
PMID: 30845850.


Almotriptan, a serotonin 5-HT agonist has been used in the acute treatment of migraine with or without aura for 20 years, accumulating data on more than 15,000 patients in studies and from an estimated >150 million treated migraine attacks in daily clinical practice. The last major review of almotriptan was written almost 10 years ago. The current narrative review provides an overview of the experience gained with almotriptan over that time, and highlights data published in the last decade. Areas covered: Randomized clinical trials, observational studies, postmarketing studies and meta-analyses involving almotriptan for the treatment of acute migraine identified through a systematic literature search. Expert opinion: Triptans are a mainstay of anti-migraine treatment. Findings with ALT over the last 10 years have reinforced the positive efficacy and tolerability results that were reported during the first 10 years following its introduction. In particular, more recent clinical results have confirmed its efficacy in women with menstrual migraine, the usefulness of early intervention, long-term benefit in adults, and also its efficacy and safety in adolescents. Overall, ALT can be considered an optimal choice for managing acute migraine resistant to first-line drugs.