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Papers: 19 Jan 2019 - 25 Jan 2019

Animal Studies

2019 Apr

J Physiol



Oral thermosensing by murine trigeminal neurons: modulation by capsaicin, menthol, and mustard oil.


Leijon SCM, Neves AF, Breza JM, Simon SA, Chaudhari N, Roper SD
J Physiol. 2019 Apr; 597(7):2045-2061.
PMID: 30656684.


Orosensory thermal trigeminal afferent neurons respond to cool, warm, and nociceptive hot temperatures with the majority activated in the cool range. Many of these thermosensitive trigeminal orosensory afferent neurons also respond to capsaicin, menthol and/or mustard oil (allyl isothiocyanate, AITC) at concentrations found in foods and spices. There is significant but incomplete overlap between afferent trigeminal neurons that respond to heat and to the above chemesthetic compounds. Capsaicin sensitizes warm trigeminal thermoreceptors and orosensory nociceptors; menthol attenuates cool thermoresponses.