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Papers: 12 Jan 2019 - 18 Jan 2019

Pharmacology/Drug Development

2019 Mar

Int J Biochem Cell Biol


T-type calcium channels: from molecule to therapeutic opportunities.


Weiss N, Zamponi GW
Int J Biochem Cell Biol. 2019 Mar; 108:34-39.
PMID: 30648620.


T-type calcium channels serve an essential role in the functioning of the nervous system. They exhibit unique properties among voltage-gated calcium channels, and mediate specific roles in brain function. Over the recent years, it has come to light that a number of chronic neurological disorders arise from defects in T-type channel function. The question then arises as to whether T-type channels could represent a relevant druggable target. In this review, we introduce the diversity, molecular structure, and principal electrophysiological properties of T-type channels. Then, we highlight their role in neuronal development, and their pathophysiological role in the nervous system. Finally, we discuss the potential of T-type channels as therapeutic targets in light of recent advances in their pharmacopoeia.