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Long-term treatment with lasmiditan in patients with migraine: Results from the open-label extension of the CENTURION randomized trial.

Following the CENTURION phase 3 randomized controlled trial’s four-month double-blind phase, this 12-month open-label extension collected data for up to one year about dose optimization, patterns of use, migraine-related disability, […]

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Real-life effectiveness and safety of tofacitinib treatment in patients with ulcerative colitis: a KASID multicenter cohort study.

Tofacitinib is a small molecule that inhibits Janus kinase and has been reported to be effective in Western patients with ulcerative colitis (UC). However, the real-life data on tofacitinib in […]

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Early and sustained efficacy of fremanezumab over 24-weeks in migraine patients with multiple preventive treatment failures: the multicenter, prospective, real-life FRIEND2 study.

To verify the long-term (24-week) efficacy, safety, and tolerability of fremanezumab in real-life patients with high-frequency episodic migraine (HFEM: ≥ 8 days/month) or chronic migraine (CM: ≥ 15 days/month), and multiple preventive treatment failures.

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P66shc in the spinal cord is an important contributor in complete Freund’s adjuvant induced inflammatory pain in mice.

The aim of this study is to investigate whether p66shc is involved in inflammatory pain and the potential molecular mechanisms of p66shc in inflammatory pain.

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Sumatriptan as a First-Line Treatment for Headache in the Pediatric Emergency Department.

Headache is a common presenting condition for patients seen in the pediatric emergency department (ED). Intranasal (IN) sumatriptan is a well-tolerated and safe abortive treatment for migraine headache, but it […]

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Managing Older Adults’ Chronic Pain: Higher-Risk Interventions.

This article is part of a series, Supporting Family Caregivers: No Longer Home Alone, published in collaboration with the AARP Public Policy Institute. Results of focus groups, conducted as part […]

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Prevalence, natural history and dynamic nature of chronic headache and medication overuse headache in Italy: The SPARTACUS study.

Chronic headaches and medication overuse headache are common and burdening conditions. No studies have evaluated the prevalence of chronic headache and medication overuse headache in an unselected Italian population.

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Current and emerging pharmacotherapy for menstrual migraine: a narrative review.

In this article, we discuss menstrual migraine (MM), which can be categorized as menstrually related migraine (MRM) or pure menstrual migraine (PMM). MM attacks are often longer, more severe, and […]

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Immunometabolic rewiring in long COVID patients with chronic headache.

Almost 20% of patients with COVID-19 experience long-term effects, known as post-COVID condition or long COVID. Among many lingering neurologic symptoms, chronic headache is the most common. Despite this health […]

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Genome-wide association study suggests a critical contribution of the adaptive immune system to chronic post-surgical pain.

Chronic post-surgical pain affects a large proportion of people undergoing surgery, delaying recovery time and worsening quality of life. Although many environmental variables have been established as risk factors, less […]

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