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Communication and Activation in Pain to Enhance Relationships and Treat Pain with Equity (COOPERATE): a Qualitative Analysis of a Tailored Coaching Program for Black Patients with Chronic Pain.

Racial inequities in pain treatment are well-documented and persist despite national priorities focused on health equity. The COOPERATE (Communication and Activation in Pain to Enhance Relationships and Treat Pain with […]

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Migraine in older adults.

Migraine is an evolving, and sometimes lifelong disorder. The prevalence of episodic migraine peaks among individuals aged in their late 30s, implying a tendency for the disorder to remit with […]

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Pain and Aging: A unique challenge in neuroinflammation and behavior.

Chronic pain is one of the most common, costly, and potentially debilitating health issues facing older adults, with attributable costs exceeding $600 billion annually. The prevalence of pain in humans […]

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Healthy ageing from birth to age 84 years in the Helsinki Birth Cohort Study, Finland: a longitudinal study.

The true prevalence of healthy ageing on a population level is unknown. In this study we aimed to examine the upper limit for the prevalence of healthy ageing, by quantifying […]

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Interaction between local blood flow and tolerance to prolonged pain in the elderly.

We aimed to explore the link between local vasodilation and pain perception in elderly subjects, testing the hypothesis that altered local cutaneous blood flow participates in the decrease in pain […]

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Anti-Aging Potential of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP): Evidence from Osteoarthritis (OA) and Applications in Senescence and Inflammaging.

Aging and age-related changes impact the quality of life (QOL) in elderly with a decline in movement, cognitive abilities and increased vulnerability towards age-related diseases (ARDs). One of the key […]

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Non-Pharmacological Management of Neuropathic Pain in Older Adults: A Systematic Review.

Neuropathic pain encompasses multiple diagnoses with detrimental impacts on quality of life and overall health. In older adults, pharmacological management is limited by adverse effects and drug interactions, while surgical […]

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Associations between patterns of physical activity, pain intensity, and interference among older adults with chronic pain: a secondary analysis of two randomized controlled trials.

Clinical management of chronic pain often includes recommendations to engage in physical activity (PA), though there are little data on the interplay between pain symptoms and key aspects of PA […]

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Evaluation and Treatment of Acute Trauma Pain in Older Adults.

In the context of an ageing population, the demographic sands of trauma are shifting. Increasingly, trauma units are serving older adults who have sustained injuries in low-energy falls from a […]

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Comparative effectiveness of pain control between opioids and gabapentinoids in older patients with chronic pain.

Gabapentinoid (GABA) prescribing has substantially increased while opioid prescribing has decreased since the 2016 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Guidelines restricted opioid prescribing for chronic pain. The shift to […]

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