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Asociacion Chilena para el Estudio del Dolor


President: Cesar R Carcamo, MD, MPH, FIPP
Vice President: María Eberhard, MD
Secretary: Lorena Oyanadel, MD
Treasurer: Fernando Hormazabal, DDS

Cesar R Carcamo,MD, MPH, FIPP President
Asociación Chilena para el Estudio del Dolor (ACHED)
Av Perez Valenzuela 1520, Suite 102.
Providencia Santiago, Metropolitana
7500035 Chile

The Chilean Association for the Study of Pain and Palliative Care (ACHED-CP) is an academic non-profit private corporation. Our goal is exclusive of an academic nature and aims to: (1) Promote and stimulate research, study and knowledge of the various types of acute and chronic pain and training for their therapy. (2) Facilitate the dissemination of all relevant information through its official body. (3) Promote and sponsorship national and international conferences and all kinds of meetings that are of interest for the purposes of the Association. (4) Advise international, national and regional institutions on standards related to the use pharmacotherapy, medical devices, medicinal agents, and procedures for pain control. (5) Encourage participation in any national and international activity that is related to pain research.

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