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Palliative Care for the Older Person in Pain

Worldwide, the population over the age of 60 years will double by 2050 [11]. As people live longer, increasing numbers will live with and die from multi-morbidity, frailty, and chronic […]

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Supported Self-Management—From a Lived Experience Perspective

Self-management can have different interpretations or understandings of different actors in the health care system. To people living with pain, it may refer to behaviours, strategies, and activities to improve […]

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Back Pain in Children and Adolescents

All children with new-onset back pain and especially children below the age of 10 years need a workup to rule out a serious medical condition Infections, solid tumors, physical trauma, […]

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Back Pain—An Inevitable Part of Aging? The Facts.

Lower back pain has a high prevalence in older persons. The prevalence ranges between 21% and 75%. This leads to a huge burden with functional disability in 60% of these […]

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Supported Self-Management of Back Pain from a Clinician’s Perspective

Back pain is the most prevalent and, therefore, most important chronic pain condition across the world with clinical, social, economic, and public health implications [1]. Back pain tends to recur […]

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Cost-Effective Treatments for Back Pain

Low back pain is a significant socioeconomic burden worldwide Since 1990 when the Global Burden of Disease Project was launched, low back pain has consistently ranked among the top ten […]

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Back Pain Education

Introduction Patient education, reassurance and self-care advice is the first-line care for patients with back and musculoskeletal pain and is recommended by clinical guidelines [1, 2]. Educational interventions for back […]

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Disparities in Back Pain

Health Disparity and Health Equity Health disparity is defined as “a particular type of health difference that is closely linked with economic, social, or environmental disadvantage” [40]. Health equity is […]

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Exercise and Chronic Low Back Pain

Chronic low back pain (CLBP) is among the most common clinical, social, economic, and public health problems of all chronic pain disorders across the world [1]. In addition to its […]

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Personalised Care for Low Back Pain

Top 10 Things to Know Everyone with back pain is different. Not all back pain is the same. Treatment should relieve suffering, and aim to achieve functional goals. Different treatments […]

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