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The Gap Between Knowledge and Practice

Persistent pain affects millions of people worldwide across the lifespan and is a global cause of disability in the developed and developing world alike (1). Unfortunately, neither policymakers, nor caregivers, […]

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Pain Curriculum Design Models and Implementation Approaches

Numerous pain societies and organizations have declared “pain management is a human right” [8]. However, decades of research have documented inadequate acute pain management, and the Global Burden of Disease […]

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Current Status of Pain Education and Implementation Challenges

Education in pain management continues to be a low priority in health professional curricula despite decades of research documenting unmet global needs. The 2016 Global Burden of Disease Study shows […]

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Pain Education Assessment and Evaluation Strategies

Curriculum assessment and evaluation are important steps in instructional design, whether the educational experience is a 30-minute single-topic in-service program or a four-year multifaceted sequence of courses. Assessment (a formative […]

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Integrating the Patient Voice in Pain Education and Research

Pain is a multidimensional phenomenon that varies with each individual and with each pain challenge. Patients and their families have personal experiences to share that help educators, students, and researchers […]

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Promoting Chronic Pain Self-Management Education

Self-management is the first rung of the ladder in pain care—followed by primary care, with specialty care and pain centers most appropriately used for the most complex problems (4, 7, […]

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Education Online and through Social Media

Social media has changed education practice radically. This Fact Sheet briefly explains the benefits of social media and some of the opportunities to improve pain education practice. It then outlines […]

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Allodynia and Hyperalgesia in Neuropathic Pain

Allodynia and hyperalgesia are common and bothersome symptoms in patients with pain due to a disease or injury of the nervous system. Definition Allodynia is pain due to a stimulus […]

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