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Methodology, Evidence Synthesis, and Implementation (MESISIG)


[Term 2022-2024]

Chair: Neil O’Connell (UK)
Vice Chair: Emma Fisher  (UK)
Treasurer: Michael Ferraro (Australia)
Past Chair: Christopher Eccleston (UK)


The Methodology, Evidence Synthesis, and Implementation Special Interest Group (MESISIG) aims to:

  • Foster a widespread interest in the production and science of systematic reviews and meta-analysis of the highest quality for pain management.
  • Provide a forum for dissemination of skills and reviews, providing assistance in the work of “discovering” relevant publications, quality control and scoring, and extracting data, to assist in maintaining the high profile of pain research and management in the wide context of health care.

Free MESISIG Webinar

Quality, Bias, and Integrity in Pain Research: Creating the Next Generation of Pain Science
In this symposium, we report on:

1) How to understand quality in both primary research and systematic review.
2) How spin (i.e., misdirection) and diversion occur.
3) The current state of scientific retractions in pain literature.
4) How we might explore the trustworthiness of pain evidence.


Oxford Pain Internet Site >

This site aims to be a "one-stop pain shop": a single site providing fast and easy access to all available information on evidence-based pain relief. Only reviews providing clear and clinically relevant messages are included on the Oxford Pain Internet Site, which will continually be updated as new reviews come along. The site also includes summary pages, adverse effects data, supporting links and references, a search function, and a "wisdom" section that provides various types of information, including methods of systematic review and the Oxford league table of analgesic efficacy.

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