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Membership and Chapters Committee


[Term 2022-2024]

Chair: Yacine Hadjiat, Algeria


  • Carolyn Berryman, Australia
  • Anuj Bhatia, Canada
  • Marucia Chacur, Brazil
  • Francisco Correia, Portugal
  • Alexandra Ferreira Valente, Portugal
  • Khin Myo Hla, Myanmar
  • Daehyun Jo, Korea
  • Amanda Klein, USA
  • Ramakrishnan Mani, New Zealand
  • Victor Mayoral Rojals, Spain
  • Adriana Miclescu, Sweden
  • Takdir Musba, Indonesia
  • Sasikaan Nimmaanrat, Thailand
  • Adesola Odole, Nigeria
  • Fabian Piedimonte, Argentina
  • Takahiro Ushida, Japan
  • Mashahiko Sumitani, Japan
  • Rachael Zoffness, USA
  • Lindsey Yessick, Canada
  • Katherine Martucci, USA
  • Roger Knaggs, UK
  • Ellen Terry, USA
  • Lauren Kane, Canada

IASP President: Catherine Bushnell, USA

The role of the Membership and Chapters Committee is to promote all types of membership and participation in the International Association for the Study of Pain and to enhance member satisfaction by addressing the evolving needs and interests of its members. To facilitate the lines of communication within and among chapters to maximize the exchange of scientific information and networking at the local level.


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