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Working Group

Global Advocacy Working Group



  • Rolf-Detlef Treede, Germany
  • Allen Finley, Canada


  • Huda​ Abu-Saad Huijer​, Lebanon​
  • Lars​ Arendt-Nielsen,​ Germany​
  • Antonia​ Barke, Germany​
  • Adrian​ Belii, Moldova​
  • Sushma​ Bhatnagar,​ India​
  • Iana​ Burmistr​, Moldova​
  • Mary​ Cardosa,​ Malaysia​
  • Chris​ Eccleston,​ UK​
  • Robert​ Edwards​, USA​
  • Ananda​ Fernandes,​ Portugal​
  • Paula​ Forgeron,​ Canada ​
  • Roger​ Goucke,​ Australia​
  • Jürgen​ Osterbrink,​ Austria ​
  • Justina​ Marianayagam​, Canada ​
  • Jordi​ Miro, Spain​
  • Kate​ Nicholson,​ USA
  • Romy​ Parker​ South, Africa​
  • Michiel​ Reneman,​ Netherlands​
  • Winfried​ Rief​, Germany​
  • Xuejun​ Song,​ China​
  • Anna​ Taddio,​ Canada ​
  • Nantthsorn​ Zinboonyahgoon​, Thailand​
  • Michael ​ Sangster, Canada ​
  • Laura Petrini, Denmark
  • Mulugeta Chala, Canada
  • Eliza Froicu, Romania
  • Sonia Bhat United, Arab Emirates
  • Beatrice Korwisi, Germany
  • Catherine​ Bushnell​, USA​

The Global Advocacy Working Group will facilitate and amplify IASP’s voice and mission with global organizations. (particularly the World Health Organization (WHO) and strengthen IASP’s global outreach strategies. The Working Group chair shall be the officially designated IASP liaison to the WHO.

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