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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)


Co-chair:  Janet Bultitude (UK)
Co-chair: Janne Gierthmuhlen (Germany)
Co-chair-Elect: Heike Rittner (Germany)
Co-chair-Elect: Daniel Ciampi de Andrade (Denmark)
Treasurer: Peter Drummond (Australia)
Past Chair: Andreas Goebel (UK)
Secretary: Jee Youn Moon (South Korea)
Chair of the Scientific Committee: Vivianne Tawfik (US)
Communication/Engagement Officer: Tara Packham (Canada)
Early Career Researcher Representative: Michael Ferraro (Australia)

The Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) Special Interest Group aims to:

  • Provide a forum for members to engage in free and frank communication on the diagnosis and management of complex regional pain syndrome with its variable clinical presentations.
  • Bring attention to new developments in the fields of basic and clinical research on CRPS.
  • Promote person-centred interdisciplinary research and care by integrating knowledge and expertise from basic science, medicine, psychology and rehabilitation science disciplines as well as lived experience (patient) reports about pain in complex regional pain syndrome.

Attention Early Career Researchers  

The CRPS SIG Officers are committed to promoting opportunities for Early Career Researchers. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that we have appointed an Early Career Researcher (ECR) to focus on the evaluation of treatments for CRPS.   

In his role as the ECR representative, Michael is working towards creating new opportunities for ECR members to engage with the CRPS-SIG. He is currently calling for expressions of interest from ECRs to present their CRPS research in a free online symposium, scheduled for 2023. 

If you are interested in presenting your work at the symposium or contributing to the ECR perspective of the SIG, please contact Michael at m.ferraro@neura.edu.au 

If you would like to feature your work on the CRPS Twitter feed or if you have news you would like to share on the CRPS page, please reach out to Tara Packham for more details or DM our Twitter account.


IASP members can contact the CRPS SIG Communications Liaison, Amanda Stone, at crps.iasp@gmail.com. Members of the general public should contact IASP at iaspdesk@iasp-pain.org with inquiries about the SIG. The following resources are included to support individuals seeking further information on CRPS. IASP is not responsible for the content listed on these sites.


Global Series

Complex regional pain syndrome: abstracts from the International Association for the Study of Pain complex regional pain syndrome SIG virtual symposia 2021 Lewis J, Kashif M, Maan A, Ciampi de Andrade D, Michellef C, Moon J, Lin C, Danielsson Lenai, Quek T, Díez Tafur R, Aloweidi A, Birklein F, Knudsen L, Goebel A PAIN Reports 8(1):p e1056, January 2023.

Local Communities

Related IASP Global Years


A PubMed search revealed a total of 253 publications on CRPS-related issues between January 2022 and Feb 2023. Here are some highlights:  

IASP Accepted Criteria for CRPS

"Validation of proposed diagnostic criteria (the “Budapest Criteria”) for complex regional pain syndrome" Harden RN, Bruehl S, Perez RS, Birklein F, Marinus J, Maihofner C, Lubenow T, Buvanendran A, Mackey S, Graciosa J PAIN, 150(2), 268-274.

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