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Enhancing the ‘meaning effect’ of back surgery

This cool study in the JNNP[1] reminds us that pain is determined by the brain’s answer to the question ‘how dangerous is this?’  Pain relief is determined by the brain’s […]

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NEMJ Mirror Therapy – comment by Lorimer Moseley

The New England Medical Journal recently published an article on Mirror Therapy for Chronic Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type 1 after Stroke (see below for a look at what they […]

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The Outcome of the Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

The ‘Outcome of the Complex Regional Pain Syndrome‘ is another important paper by Marissa de Mos – she and her team really are making some important contributions to the CRPS […]

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Faulty proprioceptive information disrupts motor imagery – an experimental study

If you are interested in this idea of distorted body image and pain etc, then check out more articles below Role of distorted body image in pain (Lotze, M & […]

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Role of distorted body image in pain

Lotze M, Moseley GL. Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics, Pain Imaging Neuroscience Group, University of Oxford, Le Gros Clark Building, South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QX, UK Abstract Body […]

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British Pain Society manoeuvres – why the desperation

Despite the grumblings about the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellent (NICE) in the UK, it seems to be seen as a ‘gold standard’ in other countries.  See this […]

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Reduced variability of postural strategy prevents normalization of motor changes induced by back pain: a risk factor for chronic trouble

Moseley GL(a), Hodges PW(b) (a) University of Sydney and University of Oxford (b) University of Queensland Abstract Variability is fundamental to biological systems and is important in posturomotor learning and […]

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The context of a noxious stimulus affects the pain it evokes

G. Lorimer Moseley(a), Arnoud Arntz(b) (a) Department of Physiology, Anatomy & Genetics & fMRIB Centre, Le Gros Clark Building, Oxford University, South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QX, United Kingdom (b) […]

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Imagined movements cause pain and swelling in a patient with complex regional pain syndrome

G. Lorimer Moseley University of Queensland and Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital, Brisbane, Australia. Abstract Complex regional pain syndrome type 1 (CRPS1) is characterized by pain, swelling, and sudomotor and […]

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Thinking about movement hurts: The effect of motor imagery on pain and swelling in people with chronic arm pain

G. Lorimer Moseley(a), Nadia Zalucki(b), Frank Birklein(c), Johan Marinus(d), Jacobus J. van Hilten(d), Hannu Luomajoki(e) (a) Oxford University, Oxford, UK (b) University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia (c) University of Mainz, […]

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