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Right to Pain Relief

"The Relief of Pain Should Be a Human Right"

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About this Global
Year Campaign

Pain, particularly chronic pain, is a major threat to the quality of life worldwide, and will become more so as the average age increases. In developing parts of the world the major epidemic of ‘killer diseases’ produce enormous amounts of pain for which there is little or no relief available. This is especially true for patients with HIV/AIDS and cancer, but also for the millions of people suffering injuries from road accidents, childbirth, acts of war and even after surgery.

The control of pain has been a relatively neglected area of governmental concern in the past, despite the fact that cost-effective methods of pain control are available. The time is now right to raise the profile of pain, to promote the recognition that the consequences of chronic pain is a disease entity in its own right and an important health concern, but above all, to raise global awareness to a fundamental truth – the relief of pain should be a human right.

Right to Pain Relief

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